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The skincare industry is saturated to say the least. With endless products and philosophies out there to consider, it’s not surprising to us that the average consumer is generally left confused about which products are best to choose to treat their skincare concerns.

And if you’re not in the know… well, it’s hard to know!

That’s exactly why co-founders Dr Clara Hurst and General Practitioner Dr Deb Cohen-Jones launched Australia’s first prescription skincare range, The Secret Skincare!

After listening to the wants and needs of their patients, they delivered the fundamentals of what they needed; a simple, yet effective skincare regime. Combining multiple medically proven ingredients into simple day and night formulations with the aim to create healthy, functioning skin that is in optimal condition.

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Serious about sustainability, everything coming out of The Secret is either reusable, recyclable or biodegradable.

With the outer vessels designed for you to keep at home, the refill pod is fully recyclable and can be returned to us here at Caledonia to be shipped back up to Perth.

6 pods result in 1 free product

What this means.......

Collect and hold on to 6 of your inner pods and we will gift you any product from The Secret Skincare range -inclusive of prescriptive - meaning less waste, a free product for you and less environmental impact!

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The Secret Skincare is unlike any product you will find on regular retail shelves.

Compounded in Subiaco, Western Australia, the formulas of The Secret Skincare allow multiple medically proven ingredients to be combined into a simplistic day and night regime.

Designed by doctors to treat a variety of challenging skin conditions such as pigmentation, rosacea, acne and dermatitis, The Secret Skincare is dedicated to creating healthy skin for everyone, inclusive of those who suffer skin challenges during pregnancy.



Your professional skin therapist will guide you with an in-depth consult that entails a full health questionnaire to ensure you are the right candidate - something Caledonia takes very seriously.

You will be provided with a plan that maps the next three months of your skins journey, including detailed information and guidelines of how to use your products. Photos will be taken to track your skins progress. and follow up consults and calls / emails will be scheduled.

After your initial consult, your questionnaire is sent for review by The Secret Skincare team and is then compounded specifically to your needs. Your personalised prescriptive skincare is then sent direct to your door ready for you to undertake your skincare journey! 

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A partnership that makes sense.....

Complimenting one another’s ethos, Caledonia Beauty Studio and The Secret Skincare are both dedicated to progressive, sustainable skincare, environmental responsibility and forward-thinking practices within the beauty industry.

Together, these 2 West Australian Enterprises are set to provide you with an unparallelled skincare experience with their locally cultivated blend of indulgence and innovation!

So, get ready to discover and embrace a skincare journey like no other!

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